"Highly recommended! I received a complete Treatment plan via online consultation from Way of Life Medicine for a family member who is a recovering addict. Lauren covered all of the bases, and explained to us everything we needed to know, beautifully and with great care!"

- M.S.

"I want to offer up my ultimate gratitude to YOU for creating such an effective and natural treatment plan for my sister."

- C.L.

"It was so nice talking to you today. You are very knowledgeable. I really feel like we connected from the heart, so wonderful."

- K.S

"I have chronic upper shoulder pain and the acupuncture treatments I received have helped tremendously!"

- J.G.

"Thank you for the work you are doing. ... Thank you for the email and taking all the time to give so much info. ...You have been invaluable."

- R.L.

"Thank you so much for your help and for your fast response. The products are working so well and I haven't felt this great in months! Again, thank you!!!!!! I can't express how happy I am that I found these products and the protocol you sent me."

- A.M.  

"Most professional and talented group! Love seeing Lauren and Michelle for acupuncture. They've changed my life forever!" 

- L.S.

"I so appreciate your beautiful light and gentle spirit, and was impressed with your combination of skills and knowledge.  Thank you again for your time this week, and for your desire to facilitate the health of our community.  You're a gift and we're blessed to have you."

- J.C

"Lauren is an excellent practitioner in all aspects of TCM, from Tui Na and Qi Gong to what we traditionally think of - acupuncture and herbs, to various other modalities in which she was trained. Her internal/external martial arts training informs her practice with precision, dedication, discipline, and Qi-sensitivity. She has all of these (and more) profound qualities while maintaining a true humility and great respect for the elders and teachers who have come before her. All in all - you are fortunate if you get to have a treatment from this beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine."

- J.K.

"U'finer - LOVE IT! In 2 days I was clean from Oxycodone for my knee surgery. THANK YOU!"

- C.A.

"You have such a gift. I just had a long conversation with [a patient] about the last treatment you gave her. Her very problematic shoulder pain cleared up after just one treatment with you. She also couldn't say enough nice things about how caring you are and how thorough you are, and what a wonderful person you are. You are such a gift."


"I continue to hear such great things about you. One person said the other day that your hands felt like she was being touched by a butterfly. WOW."


" I think you are a great healer and an extremely compassionate person. ... Thank you so much for your loyalty and help over the years."

- D.C

"I have seen her in action. Here is a practitioner who really cares for her patients and the art of the medicine."

- D.E. 

"I have seen her in action. Here is a practitioner who really cares for her patients and the art of the medicine."

- D.E. 

"Thank you so much Lauren! You have given much more useful advice than any other health practitioner I have seen so far."

- J.W.

"Thank you for such a thoughtful response. In this time where almost all consumption has frozen on my end, it makes me feel like an empowered consumer to be patronizing businesses like yours that are so kind & fair. I so appreciate it!!"

- J.W.

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