We offer a modified version of the original formula as several of the herbs are only available in Vietnam. Dosages have also been re-written.



Proprietary blend of Dang Shen, E Jiao, Mai Men Dong, Huang Qi*, Gan Cao, Dang Gui*, Sheng Di Huang, Han Fang Ji*, Gan Jiang**, Rou Gui, Da Zao, Suan Zao Ren, Yuan Zhi, Dextrin


*May contain sulfites

**Contains sulfites


Made with 5:1 Plum Flower single herb extract powders.


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Heantos (Modified) - 68 g / granules (extract powder)

  • This 68 gram formula is intended to last approximately 7 days at a high dosage of 10 grams per day. Most people will notice effects at a lower dosage of 6-9 grams per day and the formula will last longer. The exact dosage for each individual will vary based on age, size and sensitivity to herbs. The following instructions are provided to help determine your individual dosage requirement.   

    Recommended Dosage: 2 spoonfuls/grams (1 tsp) every 3 hrs as needed, not to exceed 16 spoonfuls/grams (8 tsp) per day. Mix each dose into 8 oz of warm water and drink as a tea. Reduce dosage if formula causes stomach upset & try taking with food.


    Take this product at least 4-5 hours before unpleasant symptoms are expected to occur, or up to 3-7 days before unpleasant symptoms are expected to occur.


    Moderate Dosing Option:

    Days 1 - 3:  2 spoonfuls/grams (1 tsp), 3 times daily.

    Days 4 - 7:  1 spoonful/gram (1/2 tsp), 4 times daily.

    Days 8 - 15:  1 spoonful/gram (1/2 tsp), 2 times daily.


    Another "As Needed" Option:

    Days 1 - 5: 2 grams/spoonfuls (1 tsp) every 6 hours.

    Days 6 - 10: 2 grams/spoonfuls (1 tsp) every 8 hours.


    Long-Term Option:

    Days 11 - 31: 1 spoonful/gram (1/2 tsp), 3 times daily

    Continue taking as directed for 16-30 full days. It may be necessary to continue taking 1-2 spoonfuls/grams (1/2-1 tsp) daily to achieve the desired results.


    Our herb granules (also known as extract powders) come with a small plastic spoon for measuring doses. 1 spoonful is equivalent to approximately 1 gram. If using a measuring spoon, 1 teaspoon is equivalent to approximately 2 grams. The following dosages are estimates based on these calculations.


    Very low dosage = 1-2 grams/spoonfuls per day = 0.5-1 tsp per day = 34-68 day supply

    Low dosage = 3 grams/spoonfuls per day = 1.5 tsp per day = 22 day supply

    Moderate dosage = 6 grams/spoonfuls per day = 3 tsp per day = 11 day supply

    High dosage = 9-10 grams/spoonfuls per day = 4.5-5 tsp per day = 7 day supply

    Extra high dosage = 12 grams/spoonfuls per day = 6 tsp per day = 5 day supply

    Maximum dosage = 16 grams/spoonfuls per day = 8 tsp per day = 4 day supply

  • Certain people should be cautious taking this formula. Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting this formula if: 


    • you are taking blood thinners
    • you have high blood pressure
    • you have heart, kidney or liver problems
    • you are taking steroid medications
    • you are pregnant or breastfeeding 

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