Pinyin Name: Jia Wei Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang


Chinese diagnosis: Blood Stasis in the Upper Burner, Liver Qi Stagnation


Functions: Dispels Liver Qi stagnation and Blood stasis, opens channels, invigorates Blood.



  • Blood stasis accumulating in the chest and upper regions of the body.
  • Occasional timidity, noise sensitivity, anxiety, territoriality.
  • Lower limbs, ear tips and paws that are cool to the touch.
  • Occasional skin and eye dryness, mild to moderate itch.
  • Occasional fatigue.
  • Occasional cough.
  • Supports healthy enzyme levels.


Tongue: Lavender or purple.


Contraindications: Avoid use during pregnancy or with Dampness symptoms.



Tao Ren (peach seed); Dang Gui Shen (dong quai root); Hong Hua (carthamus flower); Sheng Di Huang (raw rehmannia root); San Leng (sparganium rhizome); E Zhu (zedoary rhizome); Yu Jin (turmeric root tuber); Chuan Niu Xi (cyathula root); Chi Shao (chinese red peony root); Jie Geng (platycodon root); Chai Hu (bupleurum root); Zhi Ke (bitter orange mature fruit); Chuan Xiong (sichuan lovage root); Gan Cao (chinese licorice root)

Dispel Stasis in the Palace of Blood


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