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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Lauren Laks, L.Ac.

Master of Science Traditional Chinese Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
Certified Tui Na Medical Massage Therapist

I am a 2010 graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco, CA. I'm a board-certified, licensed primary care provider by the California State Acupuncture Board and a member of the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) and California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA). Prior to clinical practice as an acupuncturist, I was a retail supplement buyer and health consultant for over ten years. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in music from Sonoma State University, with a concentration in ethnomusicology and music education.

Along with a passion for acupuncture and herbal medicine, I have a deep love and appreciation for the martial arts, with over fourteen years of training in Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong. I have trained extensively in Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin Kung Fu), Songshan Shaolin (Temple-style Shaolin Kung Fu), Ba Duan Jin Qigong (Eight-Section Brocade Qigong), Sanshou (Chinese kickboxing), and Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing). It was my love of nutrition and martial training that led me to the study of Chinese medicine and becoming an acupuncturist.

I have advanced training in acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy, having worked extensively with patients of Acupuncture Fertility Specialists in Sacramento and Roseville, California IVF Fertility Center in Davis, and Northern California Fertility Medical Center in Roseville. I also have advanced training in functional medicine and herbal strategies for difficult conditions. I love helping people find natural alternatives to problematic or unnecessary drugs.


My Specialties

I help people with


withdrawal, natural detox strategies, holistic recovery support

Reproductive Health

fertility, pregnancy, menstrual health, hormone balance, sexual health

Internal Medicine

most common conditions, from colds/flus to digestion and everything in between

Pain Management

acute and chronic pain conditions related to sports injuries, accidents, degeneration, inflammation, obesity, post-surgery, post-illness, autoimmune, trauma

Martial Fitness

ancient and simple exercises to maintain optimal health - mind, body and spirit 


self-massage, acupressure, moxa, ear seeds, guasha, crystals, sage and more


“I have seen her in action. Here is a practitioner who really cares for her patients and the art of the medicine.”

— D.E.

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I prescribe a wide variety of herbs, supplements and topicals to people remotely, including:


  • the full pharmacopeia of Classical Chinese Formulas and Patent Medicines, in all forms: raw herbs (tea), powdered extracts (granules), capsules, tablets, teapills and tinctures

  • my own, modified versions of hard to find detox formulas, such as WeiniCom (Xuan Xia Detoxification Formula), U'finer Capsule, Fu-Yuan Pellet, Heantos, Ji-Tai Tablet, Keduning Capsule and more

  • custom formulas

  • CBD products

  • topicals, such as oils, salves, linaments, plasters, soaks and steams

  • professional-grade vitamins and supplements

  • self-treatment items, such as moxa, guasha tools, ear seeds, sage, incense, crystals, jade, and more

I also provide patients with comprehensive treatment plans that cover their Traditional Chinese diagnosis, as well as diet/lifestyle recommendations. 

New patients - please fill out the Consultation Form:

  1. Fill out your health information and submit a tongue photo.

  2. Ask me any questions you have.

  3. Purchase the consultation (one-time $80 fee).

  4. After I go over everything, I will email you a consultation, followed by a price quote/invoice to pay for any products I recommend. (Please note: the cost of herbs is separate from the one-time $80 consultation fee.)

Returning patients or general inquiries - please use the Contact Form below to:

  • Request a refill - tell me what formula/product you were previously prescribed

  • Request new herbs - tell me what formula/product/brand you are interested in, or what health condition you want to address

  • Request a price quote - tell me what formula/product/brand you are interested in and what size/strength/form you want

  • Ask me a question - feel free to ask me any questions you have



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Contact Info


530 - 497 - 0134

(I prefer email)

PO Box 2373, Placerville, CA 95667