Herbal Therapy


Our website features a comprehensive online herbal pharmacy with a classically trained, licensed herbalist to assist you. We carry only the highest quality, practitioner-grade, professional-strength, GMP certified herbs and supplements in a variety of forms: raw herbs (for preparing teas/decoctions), powdered freeze-dried teas (granules), tea-pills (patent medicine), encapsulated formulas and single herbs (encapsulated granules), tablets, tinctures and topical remedies. Our wide selection of natural products are available for purchase through our Online Store. Vegan, vegetarian and hypoallergenic options are available. We welcome your product requests and special orders.

Custom Formulas


We can customize any formula on our website to meet your unique needs. We also offer custom formulas that you can't find most places.

Online Consultations

We offer simple, straightforward and free consultations for anyone who creates an account. This includes personalized recommendations on products we carry that can be ordered from and shipped to almost anywhere in the world. For a more in-depth consultation, try a Custom Treatment Plan. It covers your Western diagnosis, Traditional Eastern diagnosis, diet and lifestyle recommendations, therapeutic exercises, herb/supplement recommendations, and instruction on self-massage, qigong and breathing exercises. Traditional tongue assessment is included.

Customer Support


We're here to help you when you have questions or concerns. Call (530) 303-7031 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5 pm PST to speak with a representative. Or email at any time to communicate with the acupuncturist/herbalist directly.

Functional Medicine


We offer functional lab testing services through multiple laboratories covering a vast array of diagnostics for endocrine function, environmental toxicity, gastrointestinal function, immunological function, genetics, nutritional status and more. We then create a custom supplement program tailored to each patient, with future repeat testing to track progress. 

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Lauren Laks, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco...
We carry Chinese classical formulas, specialty blends, single herbs, herbs for kids, vitamins, oils, salves, herbal plasters, moxa and more...
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